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The s'orne bring death and destruction wherever they appear, spreading a fever that can burn through a city in hours. On the first day of spring, a perfectly severed arm is discovered in the capital, triggering the alarm for quarantine as public officials move to identify the threat.

Having just completed an eight-month wilderness tour, Bellona Stanick is ignorant of the danger as she arrives at the city's gates. While there, she hopes to explore newfound feelings for her guide, Luta, a member of the enigmatic Zuni tribe. Just as their time together begins, a messenger brings news of a faraway town annihilated by the s’orne.

As the capital's defenses mobilize to protect its people, fate brings Bellona to a new realization about the s'orne and their connection to the Zuni. With an invasion inevitable, she must choose between protecting the city and its citizens or Luta and his homeland.

Available in paperback, Kindle e-book, and audiobook.

The Reviews for The Great Migration are in!

"5 out of 5 stars.  A wildly creative and enrapturing novel.  Physics, philosophy, and fantasy collide in this remarkably clever and action-packed read.  The author’s dexterity as a storyteller and draftsman is impressive, while the rich cast of characters and relationships makes it nearly impossible to put this sci-fi/fantasy novel down. From royal intrigue and complex cultural betrayals to slow-burning romance and allegorical commentary, The Great Migration holds broad appeal, and deserves wide attention."


-Self-Publishing Review

"4 out of 4 stars.  Ramirez took characteristic features from usual sci-fi narratives, tweaked, repackaged, and merged them into this masterpiece.  

Steve Ramirez, in The Great Migration, presents a complex plot with robust storytelling. To say this book was an exciting read would be an understatement.   There wasn't a thing I didn't like about The Great Migration.  I'd recommend this book to all science fiction lovers; they would not want to miss out on this sensation.

-Online Book Club

"The Great Migration's world-building is nothing short of masterful.

The author has created an array of traditions and immersed us into them seamlessly.  One simply loses time enjoying being immersed in this story.  It's extraordinary writing.  The Great Migration is a satisfying, thoroughly enjoyable read, rich with culture and fascinating characters.

-Independent Book Review

An audacious apocalyptic fantasy with a serious body count.

The story’s scope is epic, and the world-building is impressive and detailed. This tale of survival against overwhelming odds, where no character’s safety is guaranteed, is ideal for fantasy fans as invested in imagined worlds as characters.

-Booklife by Publishers Weekly

"The action grips the reader from the first pages and doesn't let up as Ramirez builds a world fraught with danger and populated with engaging characters.  Ramirez has tapped into a seemingly limitless exploration of this world he has created.  Intricately detailed, this riveting adventure is just the beginning of a new saga."

--US Review of Books

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