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Bellona has been taught to hate and fear the mysterious beings known as the s'orne since she was a girl. If she were ever infected with the fever they spread, she knows she would go insane within seconds and die within hours. 

As the local defenses mobilize to fight a s'orne invasion, Bellona scrambles to save her loved ones from the impending attack. Desperately, her group races to escape the city's walls before a contagion of insanity erupts. 

With attacks exploding across the country, an unlikely twist of fate reveals the true purpose of the s'orne to Bellona, challenging everything she thought she knew about them. While she struggles to accept the unknowable secrets she has learned, the city's bell towers begin tolling the alarm for lockdown, signaling that the s'orne have arrived.

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Despite living every day in fear of the mysterious beings known as the s'orne, Bellona swore to protect a s'orne woman named Keldiari after she saved Bellona's life. Unlikely friends, their relationship flourishes as Bellona guides Keldiari to the s'orne community hidden within the brutal wilderness named Thunder Valley. 

Upon their arrival, Bellona is segregated and denied contact with Keldiari. While Keldiari is welcomed and embraced by her new community, Bellona is isolated and ignored. As her frustrations mount to anger, Bellona lashes out in a violent rage. 

Infuriated by her actions, the community's leaders demand Bellona's execution. With a murderous mob bearing down on her, Bellona must choose whether to flee into the savagery of Thunder Valley or unleash her most powerful weapon against the people trying to kill her.

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Ignored and unloved by her father, Bellona found the family she yearned for in Keldiari, one of the outlaw alien beings known as the s'orne. Together, they've made their home in a secret sanctuary named Kyu Shin with the last surviving members of Keldiari's kind. As Kyu Shin is joined in celebration, the community receives a warning that the s'orne living there have been revealed to the government, and a military campaign has been launched to destroy them all. 

Losing themselves to fear and panic, the residents of Kyu Shin debate whether to fight, flee, or offer the s'orne among them to the military to pacify the impending assault. Desperately, Bellona tries to convince Keldiari to escape Kyu Shin with her and go into hiding across the sea. 

As the royal infantry bears down on their position, the people of Kyu Shin devise an outrageous plan to defend their homeland. Once Keldiari decides to stand and fight, Bellona swears to remain at her side, determined to die, rather than be left alone in the world yet again. 

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