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Map of the Kingdom

The Kingdom is an isolated continent in the southern hemisphere, 4500 miles from its nearest continental neighbor.  Mountainous in many places, the landscape hints at the country's volcanic past, which would provide for some nicely fertile farmlands in the present day.  Additionally, the mountains' snowmelt provides an abundance of freshwater for many of the regions, in the form of rivers and lakes on the surface and fully charged aquifers below ground.  The Kingdom is a lost continent, with exotic natural fauna found nowhere else in this world.  The Zuni and the Malfuni were the first humans to appear here, but as other communities found their way to these lands, domesticated animals came with them, flourishing easily in the land-of-ever plenty.  

Roughly 3,000 miles from its east coast to the west, this large landmass allows for many cultures and communities.  Major waterways bisecting the Kingdom from north to south allow for convenient tranport of imported and exported goods.

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