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Editorial Reviews for The Great Migration

"5 out of 5 stars. A wildly creative and enrapturing novel. Despite the far-flung nature of this magical realm, the thematic explorations on display hit very close to home. The author's dexterity as a storyteller and draftsman is impressive, while the rich cast of characters and relationships makes it nearly impossible to put this sci-fi/fantasy novel down. From royal intrigue and complex cultural betrayals to slow-burning romance and allegorical commentary, The Great Migration holds broad appeal and deserves wide attention." -Self-Publishing Review

"4 out of 4 stars. Ramirez took characteristic features from usual sci-fi narratives, tweaked, repackaged, and merged them into this masterpiece." -Online Book Club

"RECOMMENDED. Ramirez has tapped into a seemingly limitless exploration of this world he has created. As he unfolds his tale, the rich history and culture of the Kingdom become fully realized, and his imagined world comes to life. Intricately detailed, this riveting adventure is just the beginning of a new saga." -The US Review of Books

"The Great Migration's worldbuilding is nothing short of masterful. It's extraordinary writing."-Independent Book Review

"A thoroughly engaging fantasy adventure. A FINALIST and highly recommended!" -The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"An audacious apocalyptic fantasy with a serious body count. The story's scope is epic, and the world-building is impressive and detailed. This tale of survival against overwhelming odds, where no character's safety is guaranteed, is ideal for fantasy fans as invested in imagined worlds as characters." -Booklife by Publishers Weekly

Reader Reviews

(5 stars) Excellent series with twists and beautiful writing

"I was privileged to beta for this wonderful author, and trust me, you will love this book. The world building is excellent, and the twists and turns beautifully done. I'm not going to tell you the plot, only that I had briefly been worried during a pandemic to read about a dystopian seeming world...but I shouldn't have been. Nor should you. There are clever characters, different groups who are learning to work together, and, frankly, an amazing world to get lost within for a few hours. You will not regret your purchase or your time spent. My one caveat as a blind-reader was that I wanted to be able to read the next book! This is an author you will want to continue to follow. I'm going to re-read and wait patiently for the next in the series." -HB

(5 stars)  Great Journey with a Twist (or two)

"An excellent world-building book that doesn’t bore the pants off the reader while doing it. First books in a series and first-time authors tend to dig in on the details and leave the reader snoozing, but this book allows for action and adventure to take center stage while building the world around it. The story and dialogue flow naturally in this wonderful journey with twists and turns. I’m a long-time reader of sci-fi and fantasy novels, and I didn’t see that coming."

(5 stars)  Incredible Story

"This is the most unique storyline in any sci-fi novel that I have ever come across. I couldn't put it down once I started it. I high recommend this work to all readers. Highly detailed, this series will be perfect for a transition into a TV series."

(5 stars) Great Concept Well Executed

"I read my fair share of fantasy and science fiction and I really enjoyed the unique story concept and world. It sucked me in and left me hungering for the next book in the series! I HAVE to know what happens!"

(5 stars)  Loved it

I love a book that grabs your attention right away. This book isn't afraid to shock you. The vivid picture the book paints of the cities based on gemstones, ignites the imagination. Their cultural differences relate to today's world of bigotry. That aside I really loved the characters. The reader watches their evolution and growth while still wanting to know more. Even the sci-fy angle is fascinating and leaves the reader asking questions. The next book can't come fast enough!

(5 stars)  Recommended read for anyone that loves #GameOfThrones or #TheLordOfTheRings

I received an advanced copy of this book but bought my own copy to collect. This initial book in the saga has all the makings of an epic adventure. The characters and settings exist in a world that simultaneously includes aspects of the past, present and future, with original storytelling that explores both topical, current day crises, as well as existential issues that have faced all of humankind, throughout the history of civilization. For anyone wondering what could follow the popular, #GameOfThrones series or those that enjoyed the mythological, #TheLordOfTheRings books, this is a recommended read that could potentially raise the bar. The vivid S’orne Saga could be envisioned as a graphic novel, video game and/or film. The imaginative world and characters are immediately engaging and draw you in to follow their fate. I breezed through The Great Migration and am already looking forward to the sequel!

(5 stars)  Adventures among brontotheres, in an astonishing world

"This wonderfully original, highly textured story will pull you into a world at once familiar and yet deeply strange. Drawing on his researches into a spectacular range of topics, from Eocene megafauna, Anasazi tribal festivals, medieval urban political and religious conflict, siege warfare, the physics of space-time, and even the terror of a particularly horrifying kind of pandemic, the author has created a rich and complex background for his fast-moving tale. Products of his wildly colorful imagination merge seamlessly with things that are ancient or exotic but entirely real: characters don’t simply carry swords and spears, for instance, but wield edged weapons like the sarissa and the urumi to fight off prehistoric hyenas the size of lions. The characters are engaging, psychologically fleshed out, and interestingly flawed, and they grow and evolve through their challenges, loves, and disappointments, often in unexpected ways. This is a tale well suited to spark a bidding war among those who might wish to bring it to the screen, but in the short term please pick up a copy and visualize it for yourself while you wait eagerly for the sequels to come."

(5 stars)  A must read! This book has everything!

"I received an advanced copy of this book and from the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down. The characters and the world are beautifully built and each chapter leaves the reading longing to read further. This book has something for every reader whether you are looking for sci-fi, fantasy, mystery or romance. This story covers it all! I highly recommend this book."

(5 stars) A Fascinating Read!

"What a fascinating read from the fascinating mind of Steve Ramirez! A friend gave me this book and, I must admit, I was a little skeptical about it since this is not my usual genre. But, WOW, it just pulls you along into this strange, yet somehow, familiar world filled with adventure, love & friendship, courage, tenderness, politics, and religion with a little quantum mechanics to twist your brain around - it has it all. I enjoyed it so much I bought another copy for a friend to see if she wants to recommend it to her book club. There are so many interesting conversations to have around this book. So glad to see this is only book one - can’t wait for the next! And BTW, you don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to love this saga!"

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